mercredi 21 août 2013

Apple loses market share in China

According to data provided by the analysis firm Canalys, the manufacturer Xiaomi has sold more smartphones in China than the U.S. giant Apple, in mid-2013.

Xiaomi overtakes Apple

Indeed, Xiaomi has sold a total of 4.4 million smartphones, against 4.3 million for Apple, during the same period. The market share of Xiaomi is currently 4.4%. While a few months ago Apple wanted to take the rank of 5th best smartphone manufacturer in China, here it is downgraded by a Chinese company which released its first model in 2011. It seems that Xiaomi is not only interested in major Chinese cities but is in contact with a little more remote population to sell his devices.

A concurentiel market

The first place is occupied by Samsung. The brand has sold more than 15 million smartphone in China, during the second quarter, whixh allow it to occupy the best position of market share in China. It should be noted that this country is a very important market for manufacturers since it has a population and especially a very high Internet population. A total of 88 million units were sold during the second quarter. After Samsung is Lenovo, with nearly 11 million units sold, which occupies the second place. Remember that it is ranked first PC maker in the world by IDC and Gartner.

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