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Tablets and mobile market overview in China

Tablets and mobile market overview in China

In the same way, having spent several billion dollars to import the analogical technologies of first generation and the technologies of international mobile communications of second generation (GSM), the Chinese industry of the mobile telecommunications always stays in the shadow of foreign partners. According to Daxue Consulting, mobile phones and tablets produced locally represent more than 50 % of the market in 2003 - an impressive progress compared with 5 % in 2000-, but Motorola and Nokia sold more telephones and tablets to the Chinese consumers, whereas many of those marketed by Bird, the first Chinese manufacturer of telephones, stayed in stores or in beams of shops.
Daxue Consulting
Daxue Consulting team is specialised in technological trends

Tablets market experienced erosion of profit in China

Furthermore, as few companies dashed into the technological development, any mobile phone made in China includes components - keys imported of it. The Chinese producers of tablets, such as Mysimax, and mobile phones also dashed into disastrous price wars and known so an erosion of their profit. The exact sum paid by China Unicom for the technology CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) of Qualcomm is not known, but it includes fees of entrance, patents of software, and a tax connected among signers or to incomes. Recently, Cisco Systems, the world leader of networks and telecommunications, has accused person Huawei Technologies to violate brevet. Disputes to come connected to the rights of intellectual property in China according to SJ Grand.


High-tech is depending to local capacities

An industry of high technology is generally defined as depending to a large extent on its capacity to remain at level with fast innovations in terms of products and ways of production, or even both. The microelectronics, the biotechnologies, the new materials, the telecommunications, the civil aviation, robotics, as well as the software and the computer material are considered as crucial sectors in the competition international. The statistical classifications of the industry of the high technologies base generally on indicators such as the ratio of the spendings in research and development ( R*D) on sales, proportion of scientists and engineers in the staff, etc.

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