dimanche 15 décembre 2019

3 Ways to boost your visibility in China

In the cities of the first third and second third, the advertisements overhang the landscape, through the posters on the buses, the natural persons in charge of prospecting and the signs of the stores, the ones seeing more than the others. No rest either on mobile platforms, the applications set up options for sponsors so that their advertising can appear in certain strategic places.

Chinese people spend around 3 hours on their phones for social media and shopping. According to Statistical report on internet, 95% of people connected to the internet are connected with their mobile. Since mobile has become the essential object in large cities, communication must adapt to this platform. further reading domatter.com 


E-Reputation in China - What if the best Marketing strategy doesn't look like Marketing? And if we could influence your Reputation ... Management of "e-reputation in China": for a brand, a product / service, a company or a famous personality. Last year, the advertising market in China grew by 4.3%, with a notable increase in advertising through videos (+ 25.5%) and the internet (+ 12.4%).

The use of short videos (around 15 seconds) in particular is becoming more and more popular. These are simple and quick to view, there are quite a few applications (Douyin, Kuaishou, meipai ...) and platforms (weibo, wechat ...) that allow you to create and publish them. It’s a very fun way to send messages to consumers and encourage sharing. Videos with humorous and entertaining content are more popular. Videos have become a real marketing tool in China and allow to maximize returns on investments.

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