mercredi 17 mars 2021

CBEC what it is?

 Good question that a lot of people ask. 

CBEC  = Cross border e-Commerce China 

The regulatory framework for cross-border e-commerce was put in place in early 2011 by the Chinese authorities to facilitate the purchase of products from abroad to Chinese consumers.

All the decrees issued between 2010 and 2014 have indeed created a call for air for Western companies by offering them the following advantages:

Exemption from registration of trademarks and their products in China

Chinese labeling of products waived

Flat rate tax up to 3x lower than the general regime tax.

To benefit from these advantages, companies are required to sell their products on Chinese cross-border B2C marketplaces. The sale of goods must be a "real" B2C transaction, that is, the shipment of the package directly to the consumer after the latter has placed the order on a cross-border website.

New more favorable developments for foreign brands have applied since January 1, 2019: the purchase ceilings per consumer have been raised, the state has clarified the responsibility of the actors used (foreign brands, e-commerce platforms, service providers ...) and an extended bonded warehouse, which greatly shortened delivery times.

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