jeudi 4 novembre 2021

The Chinese have a growing taste for imported food supplements

 The Chinese have a growing taste for imported food supplements. 

Dietary supplement companies should target Chinese by capitalizing on food safety concerns as China's increasingly health-conscious middle-class consumers flock to dietary supplements. 

Just watch out for wealthy Chinese tourists visiting New York and you will likely see bags of GNC or Vitamin Shoppe among those from brands like Chanel, Berger-Goodman or Barney.

The additional cost that Chinese consumers are willing to concede for their health - and the Chinese population is enormous - means a potential windfall for major producers and retailers of a dietary supplement in the United States and Europe.

This year, the vitamin and dietary supplement market in China is expected to reach CNY 149 billion (US $ 22.3 billion). According to, the sale of vitamins and dietary supplements has increased fivefold since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The growing awareness of the resolvable demand of health problems, the worsening of health problems due to environmental destruction and the aging of the population are the three main reasons for such a trend.

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