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Narrow eyes facing social media bash in China

 Some social media users were so upset that the company removed the ads from the internet and apologized for making people feel "uncomfortable" about them, dailystar reported.

Cai stated that she didn't know how she got cyberbullied and that she was just doing her job as a model with narrow eyes.

"My parents gave me my looks. Do you think I have insulted China just because I am Chinese? The 28-year old wrote the following on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

After a photo she took for French luxury brand Dior caused a backlash, a top Chinese fashion photographer apologized for her "ignorance". It featured a Chinese model with narrow pupils.

Recent social media protests have also been triggered by Gucci and Mercedes-Benz ads featuring narrow-eyed Chinese women.

Critics claim that these companies perpetuate western stereotypes about Chinese faces, despite a growing sense online nationalism and anti-west sentiments in China.

Many people wondered why the adverts didn't feature models with "fair skin" and large, round eyes -- ideal beauty features for China.

China Daily published an editorial recently denouncing the recent ads featuring Cai Ningniang.

Three Squirrels, a Chinese brand should have known about Chinese consumers' sensitiveness to advertisements, read the editorial.

Scholars disagree and say that although it is understandable for some consumers to be offended by the ads, the outcry it generates is too simplistic. It rejects the notion that there are many ways to look Chinese.

BBC quoted Dr Luwei Rose Luqiu from Hong Kong Baptist University, as saying, "Rejecting "slanted eyes" is a dangerous phenomenon because it is the rejection aesthetic pluralism."

Ironically, the current preference for large, round eyes may have been influenced by western culture. Experts believe that the most recent shift in beauty standards occurred around the late 1970s due to exposure to foreign advertisements and entertainment, when China opened its doors to all the world.

Dr Jaehee Jung from the University of Delaware, a consumer behavior expert, said that women in China today seem to agree with many of the western standards of female beauty.

Large, round eyes are prized so much that many young Chinese women wear makeup and even have cosmetic surgery to increase their size, such as creating a double eyelid crease.

The growing popularity of aesthetic medicine in China has led to a rise in the number of people who are interested in improving their appearance. Millions of people now want to improve their appearance in different ways and for different reasons. Here are some reasons why this is a popular beauty treatment.

What's the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery?

Both cosmetic surgery and plastic surgeries are concerned with improving the body of patients. However, the overarching principles that guide the training, research and the goals for patient outcomes differ. Plastic surgery is concerned with repairing and reconstructing normal functions and appearances. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that aims to improve the appearance of a patient.

The key goals are to improve aesthetic appeal, symmetry, proportion, and balance. All areas of the body can be treated with anesthesia. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on areas that work properly. Doctors from many medical fields can perform cosmetic elective procedures, including plastic surgeons.

What is the rise in cosmetic surgery in China?

China is still a patriarchal society. Being beautiful can help you find a husband and work well in your job. Chinese society believes that women must marry with children to be successful at the age 25. Cosmetic surgery may then be an option to make them more attractive and desirable to men.

A growing number of Chinese women are using cosmetic surgery to achieve larger eyes, higher cheekbones and slimmer legs. Many are trying to imitate Wu's elegant style, which is influenced by the manga comics of Japan, South Korea's K-Pop and Western culture.

Many men are having breast implants done to look bigger. Similar to that for women, the procedure for men is the same except that the implants are harder and different in shape. The stitches are then removed after approximately one week. The procedure costs $1200. The majority of people who had the procedure said that they did it because they believed a stronger chest would attract a partner, impress a client, or boss.

GengMei is a trusted platform for cosmetic surgery

According to the website, GengMei, which has an augmented reality feature that can analyze faces and assign them a grade out 100 based on criteria such as its attractiveness, liveliness and symmetry, has 36 million users. It also lists nearly 20,000 surgeons, according to a spokesperson for the company.


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