samedi 6 août 2022

Perfumery Market in China


Perfumery was once the "Poor Sister of Luxury Industry".

The last few years have seen a 12% to 8% annual growth, which is good news for perfume professionals. However, this industry is experiencing a slower rate of growth than the rest. Chinese perfume consumers are aware of the importance licenses and franchises within the perfume industry. Luxury brands often sell their brand to other companies to produce their perfume. Chinese women consider the fragrances of luxury brands "commercial perfumes".

Chinese women are attracted to salon perfumes, which is why blamed luxury and commercial perfumes for being "the scents on the streets", since a large number of people were using them. They wanted to be unique and perfume was the way to express their individuality.

Niche Perfumes are a Success

Perfumery is a centuries-old industry in France. It hasn't yet reached the point of conquering the rest of the world, even if the idea hasn't been restricted to our borders. China and other countries have not had the same culture for such refinement. However, ignorance is not the only enemy behind the Great Wall of perfume.

It is true that perfumes can be quite costly, even though they are not very expensive. China's average salary is 500 euros per month. The product is affordable, but it is often marketed as an entry-level luxury. Chinese women are more likely to choose visible items, such as handbags and shoes.

Chinese women can be between 25-30 years old when they make their first perfume purchase. This is a far different age range than the western counterparts who start buying perfume in their teens. Chinese women tend to buy less perfume than western counterparts, usually buying only two bottles. This limits the customer's profit.

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