mercredi 19 février 2014

PSA's sales Peugeot Citroën improved in China of 19 % in November to 53.078 units, and of 25 % on eleven months to more than 500.000. Citroën C4L is the most popular model. There was more cars sold  in China on one month that in France on one year!

PSA extend its market into China

PSA works very well in China. The sales of Peugeot and Citroën jumped up to 19 % in November in 53.078 units, up 25 % there over eleven months. For the first time in the history, and in eleven months only, the French group passes 500.000 units in the Middle Kingdom. C4 Citroën, a compact sedan lengthened in four doors, is its most popular model in the country (8 089 units in November).

The total sales of cars in China, the first motor market of the world, rose of 14 % in November, being raised in a record level, announces this Tuesday the Chinese association car manufacturers (CAAM). For a market that had to go more slow according to the experts, this is not bad. In short, 2,04 million cars have been sold in the country last month, or more than in France in one year.

On the first eleven months, the sales of cars rose of 13,5 % to 19,86 million units, that is to say more than 19,3 million than vehicles sold on the set of 2012. Since it(he,she) went away again. The sales had progressed in effect "only" in 4,3 % in 2012.

GM still leads automotive market in China

The Japanese brands, penalized last year by the antiJapanese nationalism generated by the diplomatic tensions between Peking and Tokyo, control themselves, assuming a market share closely of 20 %, according to the CAAM. But the number one remains General Motors, who realized sales record in China last month, with a raise of 13,3 % to 294.500 vehicles.

Volkswagen, the second local actor, distinguishes itself for having progressed for  17,5 % on eleven to 2,26 millions. Ford registered a raise of 47 % of its deliveries in November, to 99.157 units, and of 51 % on eleven months to 840. 975 units.

According to the forecasts of the consultant McKinsey, the Chinese market of the particular cars should grow of 8 % a year for average term of here 2020.

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