dimanche 9 mars 2014

Online gaming in China

The Chinese producers of Chinese on-line games obtained 1,8 billion dollars of earnings(gains) abroad in 2013, that is an increase of about 220 % year by year, declared Google Friday Inc.

The exports of video games of the nation should develop at high speed in 2014, fed by a world increasing popularity of the mobile devices, according to the American giant of the on-line search(research) who held has to present during the last years several Chinese applications on the world scene(stage).
The company did not wish to advance on the growth rate of this year, because of numerous variables which could affect(allocate) an estimation.
Brazil, Taiwan, the United States and Turkey were the main importers of on-line games developed on the Chinese continent, underlined Google.
" Makers of the Chinese applications should enter an opening on markets Japanese and South Korean as first stage of a world expansion, because of the cultural similarity ", indicated Deng Hui, director(manager) of the department of the major customers of Google China.

" When developers have income not insignificant on the nearby markets, it's high time to explore other horizons ", added the person in charge.

Consequently, China is as a perfect marketplace for the French start-up nowadays and those must not miss the boat. New and additional French novices are fairly popular in China and their businesses are fruitful with Chinese corporations which appreciate their vitality and their capability in a multitude of areas such as: project, sculpting 3D, post-production.

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