mardi 22 avril 2014

coffee market in China

 Is the coffee going to replace the tea in China? The question is voluntarily provocative, but not totally divested of sense in a country where the consumption of coffee increases by 15 % a year, against 2 % in the rest of the world.

Emergence of coffee market in China

We consume the «small black " in the morning in front of the hot drink vending machine, we drink it after the lunch either to talk with a colleague or because we are bored and because it is not extremely expensive.
Chinese are basically of the drinkers of tea, and do not appreciate the coffee. However giants of the food-processing industry launched the trend to drink coffee, and this concept seduced recently the new Chinese consumers. We are going to discover the opportunities today that offer this market in China, and the "best practices» of the big groups to encourage consumption of coffee in this continent country.

How to develop the market potential

Against this trend the market of the coffee in China shows a 15 % growth on a per year basis. According to the international Association of the Coffee in Beijing the Chinese market of the coffee should even affect 1 000 billion Yuan, about 116 billion euros in 10 years. With regard to such statistics the Chinese market of the coffee would have everything of the new El Dorado the western brands of coffee.
While it is taken into account the high potential of the market of the coffee in China it is however advisable to put in perspective this speech.
The brand of leading instant coffee of the group Nestlé is leading in China on the market of instant coffee. It aims at the consumers of the rising middle class and at the junior executives. To target these consumers the brand had the idea to make an advertising campaign with an ambassador of choice: the "dissident" blogger TuTun.

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