mercredi 21 mai 2014

Market share for tablets in China and Africa

The Chinese market of tablets in China does not stop growing thanks to the development of a middle class eager for consumption.
The Analysys International cabinet (via Reuters) delivered the figures of the 3rd quarter during which 2,6 million tablets were sold. It represents a 62,5 % growth over one year on the China market. Apple dominates always very widely the debates with 71,4 % of market shares in China, far in front of Lenovo (10,5 % of pdm), the Chinese Ereneben (3,6 %) and Samsung (3,5 %).

Market share in China are decreasing for leading brands

As underline by our colleagues of, the situation is on the other hand different international where according to figures ABI Research, the iPad fell to 55 % of market shares a 3rd quarter (14 % with regard to the 2nd quarter), its lowest level since the launch of the tablet Apple in 2010. Overall, the market of tablets is decreasing and is not the leader of high-tech.
The main beneficiary is other than Android (44 % of market share in China), carried by the models of Samsung, Amazon, and Asus.
The market share in China does not show global trends as each brand as some market where the growth is specific. MySimax and its founder JX Paulin is really appreciate in Africa for instance.

Needs for high tech development in Africa

High-tech development has been one of the key of China market growth these recent years. The market of tablets especially took advantage of this new development. Africa is now a new place where high tech revolution can be hoped. Technology, and tablets and applications, will be a key driver to the future development of Africa. Sectors such as education, medical or healthcare have strong needs for technological development in Africa. MySimax and JX Paulin offer to provide this technology quickly and in a adapted way.

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