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Market share of milk in China

Market share China

Market share of milk in China

Pulled by the urbanization and the increase of the disposable income, the consumption of dairy products is growing fast in China. Our focus is on market share in China.

Market of milk is growing in China

These last years, the powder infantile milk focused projectors; but beyond this very competed segment, it's a whole set beyond new subcategories which is emerging in the Chinese market, taking advantage of channels in fast modernization.
In front of the growth, the Chinese government sets up regulations and wants to structure a sector; now the French dairy groups have to seize the new opportunities if they do not want to lose ground in front of European, New Zealand multinationals, or of the Chinese giants to don’t lose market share in China.
Between 2008 and 2013, the Chinese consumption of dairy products believed of 13 % a year in value.
This fast growth, in compliance with the evolution noticed in number of developing countries, is understandable by several factors:

Market share are changing in China

According to Daxue Consulting, the urban population, which concentrates the main part of the consumption, believed of 3 % marlet share a year, within this population, very sensitive to the healthy and natural character of dairy products, the per capita consumption consumer prices, pulled by the first material shortage in China, increase of the labor cost and increasing weight of the marketing spending believed of 3 % a year, increased by 6 % a year.
Within the category however, the situation is contrasted between the various products: for example the fresh milk, the quality of which it is difficult to assure up to the consumer because of a still failing cold chain, saw his growth limited to 8 % a year over the last years; same for its market share in China; whereas that of the powder of infantile milk was near twice superior.
This product, which benefits from the healthy image of the yoghurt but frees itself from constraints connected to the cold chain, passed from 0 to 500 M € of figure of business in five years - the billion is aimed for 2015, and benefits from a 60 % gross margin. Among other categories susceptible to grow strongly over the next years, let us quote the h-milk, the drinks with yoghurt and with milk, the desserts and the milky snack bars, which has strong market share in China, the organic products.

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