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Market share of foreign brands in China: Costa Coffee leads the way

Market share of foreign brands in China: Costa Coffee leads the way

Optimism for foreign brand Costa Coffee and Mercedes

costa coffee in CHina

Mercedes-Benz seems to go to a two-digit growth this year in China that is the biggest automobile market of the world. It has great market share among automotive market in China. Costa Coffee enjoys the same situation in China.
Ni Kai, President and CEO of the service from Mercedes-Benz Sales Service to Beijing, declared that the company is confident on its performances in 2014, after the delivery in May of more than 23 000 Mercedes, increasing by 30 % in annual sliding and its market share in China. CEO of Costa Coffee also is optimistic regarding the growth of the coffee brand in China these recent years.
This optimism is not rare at the foreign company, in spite of a visible economic slowdown, where president Xi Jinping evokes " a new normality: with a slowing down of growth, structural reforms and no big launching ".

Market share in progress for foreign brands

market share China

A confidence inquiry of companies led this month by the German Chamber of industry and the business showed that 90 % of companies plan to maintain or to spread their activities this year in order to increase their market share in China, with about 60 % of companies being able to reach or exceed their objectives. From the point of view of re-form, 70 % of the companies remain optimistic, explaining that the domestic consumption, the environmental protection, and the launched on the market accent were convenient for the business.
Another Chamber of Commerce, this time, that from the United States to Shanghai, expects in that the fifth of the American companies choose China as " first destination of investment ", and 48 % to increase the investments in the country.
This confidence in the Chinese economy emanates from an increasing number of consumers with average income and from a stable growth in the cities of the second and third row. Figures also show great market share among China market.

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