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Accounting and real estate market in China

Accounting and real estate market in China

Real estate market in China

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The slowing down of the real estate market in China strongly discouraged the promoters to increase their investments during the first half of the year of this year, announced an analyst of the market.
This lack of enthusiasm was translated by a strong slowing down of growth of the investments, and in particular, by a fall of the number of new projects, indicated Mrs Meng Yin, assistant general secretary of the Committee of the market of the Association quibbles of search about the real estate and the accounting in Beijing and Shanghai.
It was associated with a backward movement of the sales of real estate, it is since the investments in the sector should stagnate during the next months, indicated Mrs Meng in an article published in the last edition of Accounting Magazine, a financial and economic magazine based in Beijing.

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According to Mrs Meng, the real estate investments of the promoters progressed of 16,4 % in annual sliding from January till April, with a growth rate decreasing by 3,4 points of percentage over one year. Governmental data indicate that the investments  and the accounting services continued to move back from January till May to reach 14,7 %.
Mrs Meng besides noted that the surface of the new accounting projects launched during period from January till April amounted to 430 million square meters, decreasing by 22,1 % in annual sliding. The number of new projects launched between January and May decreased in 18,6 % over one year.
Mrs Meng added that the Chinese real estate market had known the adjustments almost every three years since 2005. Contrary for the previous times, the adjustments were this year mainly caused by the very market, influenced by the supply and demand, as well as by the prices.

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