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WeChat Advertising Price and Cost

How much cost WeChat advertising ?

Good question, we will try to reply to this simple Quetsion in this Article

Moment ads adopt the CPM pricing model (cost per 1,000 impressions). There are also two purchasing systems: scheduling and auctioning.
For the planning program, advertisers can program a fixed advertising time for the next 2 to 28 days. The price is equal to where the ad will be displayed. The minimum budget is 50,000 RMB for an advertising campaign. For the bidding system (竞价 购买), it is more suitable for advertisers who need flexible ad time and constant ad optimization. It is based on real-time bidding and the minimum budget is 1000 RMB for one day.

 WeChat Ads
Source GMA

Advertising ON MOMENTS ADS

There is now a greater degree of interactivity with companies than Trip Advisor that encourages users to comment and interact with content. In an interview with Social Beta, Trip Advisor commented that they had comments (see below).
Advertising opts for this social approach is very important in a unique WeChat ecosystem.
WeChat ads Moments are also much more focused on video content and have developed a clearer format for an improved user experience. This makes it possible to integrate the content on a single banner and to enhance the interactivity of the company on the ads.


The developments in the banner on WeChat have been exciting to see, the advantage of the banners is always with users already engaged with the content on WeChat.
Footnotes and exchanges, for example, can be placed in targeted articles on this specific topic, you know that there is already a degree of active engagement with relevant topics. WeChat is known as "WeChat Times" in terms of users seeking information, articles are held much more important by placing ads at these content keys for long-term growth.

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