lundi 12 novembre 2018

Something is Wrong with the double 11


 I don’t think anyone is surprised that 11.11 continues to break records year after year 🤔 Is it an amazing feat of human ingenuity and innovation? Yes.👍 Does it provide opportunities to businesses not just in China but globally? Yes.👌 But where is this going and when is it enough?🧐 When it hits $50 billion? Or 100 billion? Or a trillion?📈 There is more to success than the bottom line (or the revenue for that matter).💰 How many tons of plastic packaging waste has this festival caused?🎁 How many of the products bought will be used once (or never) and dumped?🕳 Instead of focusing on just the number - can we think about the impact?🤑 Could we incentivize suppliers to produce sustainably?🌏 Could we reward consumers for consuming mindfully?🍽 Could some of the profits be kept aside to tidy up the mess?🗑 And when are we going to realize that “things” won’t fill the emptiness we feel?🛒 What would the world be like if those who had the power to make a difference actually did?
💣 I’d like to see heros like Jack Ma do with consumption what Yao Ming did for poaching

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