dimanche 13 mars 2022

Xiaohongshu top News 2022

Xiaohongshu’s onling-to-offline campaign in collaboration with local brands, SK-II’s new brand ambassador Zhang Zifeng, and homegrown fashion label ICICLE’s SS22 campaign.

Xiaohongshu Launches New Collaboration With Homegrown Brands

Chinese lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu launched a new project “Anfu Lu Online” in collaboration with over 30 homegrown brands. These are featured in the scheme’s dedicated Mini Program on Xiaohongshu, allowing easier access for consumers. The name references Anfu Lu (meaning Anfu Road), a neighborhood in Shanghai with trendy eateries, cozy coffee shops, and boutique brands — now the site of the campaign’s pop-up shop. The platform also partnered with five recognized local brands, including Li-Ning, CANOTWAIT_, and WallpaperSTORE, to unveil an online shop featuring exclusive products. Meanwhile, Xiaohongshu introduced its new fashion IP “Red Label,” which will fuel designer brands’ growth by helping them facilitate the content-to-commerce loop.

source https://jingdaily.com/xiaohongshu-collab-homegrown-brands/

More info about Xiaohongshu

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