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Covid in China April 9th

 =National figures of Covid in China=

24,101 new cases announced (including 22,561 asymptomatic) during the day of April 7, including 88% in Shanghai.

National total = 176,046 cases (152,693 asymptomatic) including 70% in Shanghai

A =Shanghai=

21,222 new cases announced (including 20,398 asymptomatic) on April 7, an increase of nearly 6% compared to the previous day. Compared to previous days, progress has slowed down but it is premature to draw conclusions.

Current total = 125,279 cases (including 120,494 asymptomatic) - No deaths attributed to COVID so far. According to the town hall, only one serious case is currently in hospital.

At =Jiangsu=

78 new cases announced (including 65 asymptomatic) during the day of April 7, including 28 in Suqian and 16 in Suzhou.

Current total = 714 cases (including 634 asymptomatic) distributed in Nanjing, Changzhou, Lianyungang, Suqian, Zhenjiang, Suzhou, Wuxi, Taizhou, Nantong, Yancheng


In =Zhejiang=

44 new cases announced (including 36 asymptomatic) on April 7, mainly in Jiaxing. Down (-11) from yesterday's numbers.

Current total = 475 cases spread across Ningbo, Quzhou, Kecheng, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Zhoushan, Lishui, Shaoxing


In =Anhui=

69 new cases announced (all asymptomatic) during the day of April 7, including 37 in Huainan.

Current total = 586 cases (including 566 asymptomatic) distributed in Hefei, Tongling, Ma'anshan, Suzhou, Anqing, Chuzhou, Hanshan, Bozhou, Bengbu Huainan, Wuhu, Fuyang


1- Continuation of the containment and screening policy

The city remains confined until further notice, and the screening campaign continues. PCR screenings as well as distributions of antigenic kits continue to be carried out within the residences. The identification of positive cases leads to the status of "confined zone" or "zone under control" of the residences concerned for periods ranging from one to two weeks, although no date has been announced for the moment at the moment. about the end of the containment/screening campaign concerning the entire city. Exiting your residence from a “confined” or “control” zone does not necessarily mean effective deconfinement.

The authorities have reaffirmed the principle of systematically placing positive cases in collective quarantine centres, the development of which is continuing to increase reception capacity, in Shanghai and in the surrounding provinces, in particular in Zhejiang. “Close contact cases” can also be sent to a collective center (according to Chinese media, Zhejiang province already hosts 30,000 contact cases transferred from Shanghai).


2- Frequently asked questions related to quarantine centers

· A positive screening results in the isolation in a hospital or an equipped collective center of the positive person and the contact cases. The consulate recommends that you report immediately to your block manager (link) and to the consulate (Contact us) in the event of a positive screening. The consulate will contact you immediately to follow up on your situation and provide the necessary support with local authorities. It is also recommended that you, as far as possible, isolate the person who has tested positive from the rest of your household by placing them in a separate room, having them wear a mask and airing them regularly, in order to avoid contaminating other members of the household. foyer.

· Delays before transfer to quarantine centers vary widely, ranging from a few hours to several days. The transfer can take several hours, with intermediate stops at a transit center.

The types of centers vary and the conditions of comfort, hygiene and privacy are very unequal. The consulate is monitoring the situation of each of our positive compatriots, all asymptomatic or showing mild symptoms. Some are in collective centers or other places of isolation.


The authorities now allow parents to accompany children detected as positive cases under certain conditions. The consulate remains mobilized and vigilant on this subject explains the Chinese Business Club. 


Conditions for leaving collective quarantine centres: National recommendations indicate that a person who has been successively negative on two PCR tests separated by at least 24 hours and whose symptoms have improved (see link) can leave their quarantine centre. Practices may vary from center to center. The return transfer to the residence is organized by the district of residence. Before departure, personal effects are disinfected. No fees are charged by collective centres. After returning home, a period of medical observation of 7 days is to be observed (during which it is requested to ventilate frequently,

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