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The lobster advertising in China

The lobster advertising in China

In china ,we generally find the lobster advertising in 3 types of eventsfood recommendation platform , shopping guide platform and cuisine teaching platformvia different kinds of advertising channels , such as TV , the Internet ,billboards and magazines. Because of the different key points and business objects they have they focus on the different aspects  of  lobster and also gets different effects.

Food and restaurant recommendation platform:
Eating is always the favorite subject for Chinese people , so food and restaurant recommendation platforms are most popular for lobster advertising ,  which owns the biggest number of users.
They focus on the specialties and the delicious flavor of lobster and have a wide advertising  channels, including TV, the Internet , billboards and magazines.

Shopping guide platform
There are more ads for raw lobster and semi-finished lobster gift boxes in the shopping guide platforms. They are mainly by the channels of TV and the Internet.
Cuisine teaching platform
More and more high-grade cuisine (like lobster ) appear in the traditional cuisine teaching platform. It helps people like housewives and new cooking learners to quickly master the simple cooking methods, which focuses more on the process of cooking and weakens the choosing of lobster.

In conclusion, nowadays in China ,we can mainly find lobster advertising via TV and the Internet.
The TV channel gives customers more expressive feelings of the flavor, appearance and enjoyable dining experience , but with fairly high cost of advertising cost. On the other hand,the Internet channel owns a great number of users and forms a good interaction by the comments and exchanging ,which forms creative marketing in Initiative launches,on line interaction mega events and also ratings and review activation.

What’s more, some other offline channels like magazines and billboards also become the indispensable parts to provide information and show the delicious lobster for us.

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